Monday, 18 April 2011

Third time lucky for Aberfoyle Nest?

As many of you are already aware there has been a highly contested battle for the Aberfoyle osprey nest this season. It is only just over 2 weeks since the ospreys returned and we have already had 5 different ospreys on the nest (3 females and 2 males). We currently have a metal ringed male, who was the "trouble maker" last year, who kicked out the eggs at the beginning of May 2010 and a new female who is unusually totally unringed! This new female has been around since Saturday and things are looking promising. There has been lots of nesting material brought in as well as repeated mating taking place. It is a year ago tomorrow (Tuesday) that we had our first egg last year, so we shouldn't have long to wait, fingers crossed!


  1. is it not possible to build more nests for them in the area so we get more breeding here. it will be ad for them to lose eggs if all these birds continue to fight over the one nest available.

  2. So what has happened to the younger female who was ringed HA and who was in the nest last week - where did she go? I can't keep up with it all!


  3. I admire your enthusiasm Robert and I indeed hope your right.
    However,the last time this nest was involved in a 5 bird sensation, it was dramatic to say the least and not a little messy.

  4. Many Thanks for your comments. In answer to some of the questions...

    1. There are other osprey nesting sites in the Trossachs, this nest just seems to be particularly popular! Also last winter we built 3 new osprey platforms because of how much trouble we had last year with birds fighting over nests.
    2. We are unsure of what has happen to the younger female ringed white HA but with her only being 4 years old she may fight for another nest or just spend the summer in the Trossachs getting to know the area so when she returns next year she has a better chance of taking on a nest.
    3. Ospreyfreck, hopefully this year will be different. Both birds are still on the nest and things are looking hopefull!



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