Monday, 10 August 2009

Ospreys-a farewell?

Red 6A (our female) was still around as of the 1st August. Last year she was last seen about the 6th before she off on her migration.

The green ringed male is also still around and still defending the nest.

I had an osprey First Flight, First Splash event at the weekend and took 12 people down to the Lake of Menteith to see if we could see an osprey fishing. Luck was on our side as 2 ospreys were present when we arrived. However, they simply displayed territorial behaviour until one took off. The first osprey then sat in a tree for a good half hour then suddenly plunged into the water for food. Our group was very happy; several hadn't even seen an osprey before, never mind seeing one fish. Even the rain stayed off until it was time to leave.

Other events coming up soon are two bird of prey talks. On the 14th Aug at 7pm, Mike McDonnell will talk about Red Kites at David Marshall Lodge, and on the 28th Aug, Elaine Fraser will talk about the Sea Eagle Reintroduction in the North East of Scotland.

To book call 01877 382258 or email:

Barn Owls are go!

Out of our 5 Barn owl chicks, 3 fledged.

The first fledged on Friday 31st July after flapping a lot and peering out of the Barn Owl box hole, and the other two had gone by the 5th August. The last 2 then returned to the box for a couple of days but now have not been seen for about a week.