Friday, 27 June 2008


The ringing of the osprey chicks will occur on Friday 4th July at midday. This can be viewed live from the wildlife room. The ringing will be carried out by Dave Anderson of the Forestry Commission who is a licensed ringer. Because Ospreys are a Schedule 1 species it is against the law to recklessly disturb them and even experienced bird ringers have to apply for a licence from SNH to do this.


  1. Thanks for publicising the time. See that it's Independence Day when I put in my diary - so quite appropriate as you are trying to do this before they can fly on their own! Will be a privilege to watch if I can make it.

  2. Hi Martin here, whats happening with the webcam ??. I was hoping to track the growth of the chick, but no picture is being transmitted. Mail me at the address I sent you please.
    Martin, Paisley


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